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  1. so i wanna have them as intake on the frount mount. but i want the fans to be on the inside basically for aesthetic reasons. so all the fans are on the inside and not just the random radiator on the inside.
  2. so i mean the fans are on the inside then radiator then case. so the radiator is facing outside the case and the fans are on the inside. i can find a google pic if that helps
  3. I might have to front mount my radiator i would use it as intake so would it ok for the fans to be on the inside or would that not be ok?
  4. Would you happen know if it would be ok to front mount a radiator but have the fans inside the case and not the outside?
  5. also im not sure if you know the answer to this but with the picture above of the back of the psu i am only using 3 slots which are the left two and bottom right. the top right i have not plugged anything into as im not sure if it was a sata port or used for something else.
  6. yes so that is what i was talking about. i thought these cables were power splitters. this is the cord i was talking about. so could i have one port to the icue commander core and the other to the aio?
  7. So I have the Corsair txm 550 and this is what it looks like. I was thinking if I did the cooler with the fans onto a power splitter it could work?
  8. So I built my first system about a month or two ago and I want to now add a corsair h100i rgb platinum but I realised that need a sata port in the psu but I just realized that I only have 2 spots and well that one is taken by my HDD and the other is being taken by a commander core from icue. Would it be ok to use a sata power splitter cable for the commander core and the cooler?