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  1. Thanks imma start searching it now also on webistes closer to my home well thank you for everything !!
  2. ooh okay thanks !! im running 3 screens 1080p and 1 2560p which i use for gaming and autocad because of the more pixels. all 60 Hz or something around that.
  3. Perfect ill look for that ive saved up quite a bit and since corona everything is online, so thank you !! :))
  4. ooh smart but i have my pc now 4 years i think or something but just most games i play now start to lagg depends cpu usage and since i play and/or have multiple screens open for school lessons etc so kinda need the upgrade before my pc shuts down again whaha
  5. Ooh okay ill just look i think for that r7 you mentioned before with the tomahawk thingy :)) Thanks again for everything !!
  6. ooh so it is good enough to support not to high depending games etc, but what i usuallly do is game but have my schoolwork open. I just need to be sure to play games like COD but have my autocad or live lessons open on another screen for my next 5-8 years of studies xp
  7. OOh okay okay so this will be the last for the line of Mobo thing kinda understand thanks btw, ill probably just upgrade my storage for now till the new line like am5 socket or something comes out maybe so i dont have to upgrade in a year or 2 again. Would u guys know when this happens ?
  8. ooh thanks !! Ill have to wait then for the CPU but with black friday and the sale ill buy the mobo now already! And what about the R9 from the new 5000 series is it not worth it or ?
  9. Oh i see im new to AMD so which amd series is then the best for now ? Not finding the 5600x is it new ? (atleast cant find it yet in my local webstores)
  10. Is it easier for me/ cheaper to switch to AMD from intel if i have to buy new motherboard and CPU instead of ust a new CPU from intel ?
  11. What does that mean ? I am srry hhe, and how can i check the speed of my ram ?
  12. Budget (including currency): 0 Euro - 600 Euro Country: Belguim Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: General gaming like cold war, CSGO, photoshop etc rendering also 3d building is autocad etc. Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): My build concludes atm : Intel I5 - 7600 (Which is the main problem atm I think) Motherboard Z270 - A 16 GB of Vengeance or something Cooler is a NZXT Kraken Double fan with