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  1. Speaking of slow games, ive noticed for quite some time that I don't get as much FPS as i used to when I first bought my laptop. Even tried resetting it, reinstalling drivers, rolling back drivers and nothing helped. Not sure since when it started, but I've got a feeling that it started after I updated to windows 10 version 2004
  2. Ok soo when i run a game and check the task manager gpu engine... It shows gpu 0... So does that mean that the game is using my nvidia gpu? Also sometimes it shows as GPU 1, but mostly GPU 0
  3. I don't know how the sunglasses emoji appeared in the description. Its actually 8 where the emoji is. Just to clarify, my integrated GPU is an RX Vega 8
  4. So in the performance tab under task manager there are two GPUs - GPU 0 and GPU 1. Now I've heard that GPU 0 is the integrated GPU while GPU 1 is the dedicated GPU. But in my case, GPU 0 is actually my dedicated NVIDIA GPU(Geforce GTX 1650) and GPU 1 is my integrated GPU(Rx Vega My Laptop is an ASUS TUF Gaming FX705DT and I want to know if this is an issue or not. It was never the other way round as far as I know.