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    mechanical engineering masters student


  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
  • Motherboard
    Asus Prime X470 Pro
  • RAM
    2x 16gb Trident Z RGB 3200MHz
  • GPU
    MSI RTX 2070 Aero 8G
  • Case
    Be Quiet! Pure Base 600
  • Storage
    1x Crucial P1 500GB, 1x Samsung EVO 970 1TB, 1x Crucial MX500 1TB, 1x Crucial MX500 500GB, 1x Toshiba HDD
  • PSU
    Be Quiet! Pure Power 10 CM 600W
  • Cooling
    NZXT Kraken X63
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  1. I had a couple exchanges with NZXT Techsupport. The guy that tried helping me also read this thread. I tried a couple of things he suggested but they did not work. He also suggested trying to turn off "Game Hooking" in the CAM settings. Because of the holidays, I couldn't try it out until now. CAM Beta also upgraded to the newest version. Pc is running since 3.5 hours now without issues, but to be honest, thats a quite short time. Lets knock on wood that the issue is solved, but I expect the system to freeze as soon as I press the "SUBMIT REPLY" button. To be fair thou
  2. I asked Be Quiet! once if it matters (my card has a 6+8 pin connection) and they said it doesn't matter if I use one or two cables.
  3. Is it a proper racing game or a game just for drag racing? I hope you aren't dissapointed when you find it. I remember playing NFS Porsche when I was a child. Really good graphics and phenomenal gameplay. Found a gameplay on Youtube a few years ago. Hard to see a car in all those pixels.
  4. Guess the whole thing solved itself. The cheaper one is not available anymore. Hello Zephyrus G14 RTX 2060
  5. Ordered a fan splitter to plug them into the CPU_FAN header. I guess then I can control them via BIOS. Is there a way to control the pump speed too? Maybe when using the AIO_PUMP header? Too bad I can't control the fans via Asus Fan Xpert. Always had freeze problems with that program too. Tried it 1 year later but they haven't solved that issue too (or didn't put any effort in it).
  6. I mean...I could invest the 300€ into a 3080 when available. Thats almost half of the MSRP. I don't even know if I would game a lot. Maybe when I visit my parents for a view days but I mostly game on my desktop. Also...is a 2060 so much more future proof than a 1660ti considering they are both max-q designs. Pretty bad at making decisions to be honest
  7. Have already done that by I don't expect much to be honest It is just really annoying when working from home on a pretty decent machine and this program limits your productivity. I also have 3 exams left at uni which will be online. A PC freeze in one of these exams is worst case scenario.
  8. I need a new laptop and the Zephyrus G14 with an RTX 2060 and 1TB of storage costs 2000€. Is it worth the +300€ compared to the version with a 1660ti and 512GB of storage? Also: there are 2 models (HE214T and HE339T) which seem to have the same specifications (2060, 1TB and 120Hz display) but the HE339T costs 30€ more. Is this one newer or a more advanced version? I used my Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p for CAD, photo editing, office tasks etc. for 7 years now and the first 4 years were pretty intense usage. Do the newer laptops hold up to this lifespan or can I ditch them after the warranty
  9. I have the exact same issue since end of October! On the one hand I am happy that I finally found the answer to my problem. On the other hand...what can I do now? I could wait and hope that NZXT fixes this issue which seems like a pretty bad option, considering that they haven't done anything since August. Maybe buying a Corsair AIO is the best I can do right now. Can't stand the noise of the standard fan curve and after disabling autostart, it doesn't remember the fan curve and the lightings.