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  1. I'm more interested in the Seagate Expansion 16TB($300) for it has revealed Exos X16's in the past as per the people who've shucked before. I have no idea if Exos drives are more reliable than the WD WhiteLables or vise-versa. Warranties, pre and post shucking are a concern too.
  2. I have recently completed a nas build and am looking forward to getting drive recommendations. Parts that i have - Fractal Design Meshify 2 X470D4U motherboard Ryzen 5 3600 32GB(16x2) Kingston ECC Memory 3200Mhz Cl22 2x Samsung 970 evo plus (500GB) Ultra Fit (16GB) running Unraid (wasn't recognized in unraid tool for windows but worked with a MacOs VM on Virtual Box) My Purpose - Been running 2x Windows 10 VM's PiHole docker PlexMediaServer Docker WireGuard VPN docker I have no fixed storage requirement. With 11
  3. @Electronics Wizardy Thanks for the valuable advice. I just got the x470d4u delivered today and i've decided to pair it with Ryzen 5 3600 and a corsair RM650 2019. I'm a bit concerned about the ram choice though. https://www.kingston.com/dataSheets/KSM32ED8_16ME.pdf 3200Mhz 16GB ecc with CAS latency of 22 and timings 22-22-22 . Considering ryzen works best with cl14/cl16 , cl22 sounds worse and i don't have a lot of options to chose from, the other being Corsair/HyperX 3600MHz cl18 / cl16 NON-ECC kits.
  4. A question that I have regarding ram size is, ZFS demands a gb of ram for every terabyte of storage, are there similar trends for unraid or something that I'm unaware about given it runs XFS/BTRFS? Does ram latency affect a nas'/plex performance?
  5. 3100 is $120 and 3600 is $225. The boards are short on stock and he's not carrying the x470d4u2-2t which has the 10GBase-T lan available. M.2 pcie 3.0 x2 and 2.0 x4 will max out at around 2000MBps - overhead and I guess using them as cache won't saturate them under 10Gbe link, or am I wrong? I'll be using it for video archival, a Windows VM, Plex Server (Local and Occasionally Remote) and might manage security cams from it in the future, I have no idea if ram latency will affect any of it... As u suggested earlier in starting with two 14TB white labels one of them being the parity.
  6. @Electronics Wizardy I recently tracked a local retailer who deals in server barebones and motherboards. He currently has single units of both x470d4u and x570d4u (not x570d4u-2l2t) in stock costing $244 and $375 respectively. He also has in stock Kingston 16GB 3200MHz CL22 DDR4 (KSM32ED8/16ME) sticks for $90 each. I'd love to hear ur take on whether spending extra on x570 (has two nvme 3.0 x4 ports whereas x470 has 3.0 x2 and 2.0 x4) is worth it and is the ram adequate given the high latency... Also, should i pair a Ryzen 3100 or 3600 with this board. In both cases I'll end up with 8 sata po
  7. I was initially under the impression that the new raspberry pi cm4 will be an option worth considering for a build like this but people have reported weak connection links and bandwidth saturation issues with file transfers in the range of 5-10GB. I started researching about the synology motherboards and the fact that they support upto 2 pcie slots, one for m.2 ssds and the other for sata backplane. I haven't looked into models with bays greater than 4 tho. Using an matx or miniITX is still going big and what I'm looking for is something that can be incorporated in a thin gap next to the drive
  8. Recently I posted a query regarding how to assemble a AMD server grade NAS and boy was I helped. I've ordered most of the components and they might arrive around the Christmas week... Meanwhile, while looking into Synology and WD nas solutions I was intrigued by the simple and embedded solution that was put to use in them. So, now I'm wondering if its possible to assemble a DiskStation like Synology with some 3d printing, embedded mobo and pcie to sata backplanes? Synology is straight up expensive and so are the other products, while celeron and pentium embedded boards aren't. The questio
  9. Intel UHD 630 in my i7-8750H has provided 4 simultaneous 1080p direct playbacks or 3 transcodes to 720 or 480. With 4k footage it turns out, i can get 1 direct playback and 1 x264 encode to either 1080 or 720. With 4k x265 its a hit or miss and with 10bit x265 its not even possible. With the p400 i've gotten 2 10bit x265 encodes simultaneously but its peaked at a 100%. PS I already own it. c246 or x570 will be my final choice, i'll go with the one that costs less. Thru everything i've listened to/read i've decided not to ditch ecc. It was tough tho.
  10. Those are optional. Its like a remainder that says don't put a 3060 in here.
  11. Okay so i ran my mouth earlier but that's not it, i tracked some supermicro vendors today. The cheapest one that he's selling is X11SCL-F. Here are the two configs i've settled on. The [Supermicro](https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZGKGxc) part list and the [B460M D3H](https://pcpartpicker.com/list/czt44d) part list.
  12. Chose this https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B460M-D3H-rev-10#kf 6x sata, 4x pcie, 2x m.2 with no lanes sharing bandwidths as far as i know. Pairing this with an intel i3 10100 and 4x HyperX HX426C16FB3/16 and an SF600 supply from corsair. No ecc support available here Is this supposed to work the way i expect lol?
  13. I'm really sorry but asrock rack / supermicro isn't available in my country, and the customs are too high. Asrock/Gigabyte/Asus/Msi boards are available in b365/b450/b550/x470/x570 configs and others as uATX and miniITX . I'll be running a win10 vm on unraid with a 10Gig network card. What are my alternatives? Drives on my gaming rig are almost full lol.
  14. @Electronics Wizardy I'm unable to acquire Asrock x470d4u, in your opinion, how is Asrock X570 Pro4? Is it below x470d4u, a similar deal or a better one? ECC support and all, with ryzen 3100 and 64gigs ram. https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/X570M Pro4/ this is the said mobo and I'm getting this for $256, Is this a good deal?
  15. Core V21 seems be the jack of all trades and even tho it seems to be best ventilated mATX case around, it doesn't seem to fulfil nas requirements. No specific reason why. Node 804 on the other hand is cheaper and in my personal opinion seems more nas like, due to the 10 mounting positions, 8 of which are pre installed cages and the space for using custom brackets if u wanna squeeze in more?! I don't think i put enough thought into the case, I've had my hands full with the mobo and stuff, anyway i needed something compact and full tower ATX cases were out of question.. I did consider node 304 b