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  1. Wait the sonicwall secure endpoint manager is installed so I can remote in to my work computer. Are you sure they are able to remotely manage my personal devices just from that?
  2. I have to install this on my personal PC for work since my company haven't gotten me a laptop yet. Is this a spyware? I need this program to RDP into the company server. Can my employer track me with this?
  3. I have to install this app to remote desktop in to my workplace. They haven't given me a laptop yet, so I need to use my own personal computer. Would my employers be able to track what I do with this app installed?
  4. What if I like to multi-task while I game, i.e., watch twitch streams or youtube videos while I game.
  5. I am interested in the RTX 3060ti that is coming out tomorrow!
  6. It just said the O.S. is activated. It doesn't give me the option where it said link your license key to your Windows 10 account.
  7. I got a free key from being a student at my school. I don't have the option to link my key to a Microsoft account in the Activation page. Now I was wondering, if I have to do anything before I input the same license key to another computer.
  8. There is so little information out there about fTPM, so I was wondering if it is worth it to use? It is included on my Ryzen chip, so I want to use it with bitlocker. Do you guys recommend using fTPM?
  9. How did you link your CD-Key with your Microsoft Account in the first place?