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  1. I have a 32" 4k 90hz screen So i'ts better to go on a AMD one ?
  2. Yeah honnestly i know what you feel Back 2010-2015 i remember buying a component doesnt cost a kidney , nor does it let you think for months if its worth or not to change
  3. Hey everybody I want to start a little topic about RayTracing We saw now what NVIDIA became with 3080/3090 and dlss 2.0 Ray tracing does not look the FPS killer any more And in thé other hand we have AMD 6800xt with 16gb ram and better FPS in game's then 3080 not that much but still With 16gb ram its plenty for vram hungry game But fail badly at Rt performance So what do you think IS RayT worth it ? Or going for AMD and rock on with FPS and 16gb IS better ?
  4. Can m'y 9600k keep up thé Pacé at least for 1 year until i buy ryzen 6th or Intel 10nm one ?'
  5. Thanks for answer I know m'y 9600k will slow down thé Gpu i buy, but i'm aiming for Intel 10nm next cPU or ryzen 6 Will it at least keep up a bit with it ? For a year
  6. Thanks for answer I Can't go for a 10th gen Intel or ryzen dont have enough money what if i buy 9700k-i7
  7. Hey everyone i'm happy to be with you i'm New here So i have a i5-9600k 16gb 3600mhz cl15 Seasonic 1000w gold and m.2 corsair 1tb mp force 510 and a GTX 1080 by gigabyte and extrême aorus i play in Fhd 165hz and 4k in summer (normal 4k TV ) and i want to go to rtx 3080 3070 or 6800xt do you think its a Big jump in speed performance FPS gain ??