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  1. i used a screwdriver and put a little bit more force to the lever and it popped right up. tysm to everyone who replied!
  2. Safety lever is stuck to place, i tried pushing it down with my nails/screwdriver/pen with no luck. Not even gonna try pushing the card without the lever at least a bit pushed
  3. So i failed overclocking my cpu and the monitor wouldn’t turn on, no problem i’d just remove the little battery on the motherboard for a bit and all good. Having that in mind i tried removing the gpu to reach the battery, but then the problems began. After i unplugged the two screws from the card i tried removing it, but as expected the other half of the card wouldn’t come off since my dumbass forgot to pull the safety lever first. So then i started panicking before seeking for solutions online without any luck. Now i’m just sitting on my bed in fear of having damaged my gpu and waiting for a