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  1. Excellent thank you I've just managed to snag one that was in stock, been hunting for a gold ranked 850w psu.
  2. Hey I have a question about the ranking list: Toughpower GF1 (ARGB) Since the ARGB is in brackets is that mean it applies to the non argb model? https://www.scan.co.uk/products/850w-thermaltake-toughpower-gf1-full-modular-80plus-gold-sli-crossfire-single-rail-70a-140mm-fan-atx
  3. Another 2 options which are in stock https://www.box.co.uk/90YE00A4-B0NA00-ASUS-Rog-Strix-850W-80-PLUS-Gold-Fully-M_2956498.html https://www.epsilonpc.co.uk/products/corsair-rm850-850-watt-80-gold-fully-modular-psu-power-supply?_pos=2&_sid=de7177875&_ss=r
  4. Hey all, I've been having some difficulty getting a hold of a powersupply for my build which is 3700x 3080 FE I'm looking at getting a 750w corsair RM750x. I'm just wondering is this sufficient with enough headroom? I was originally looking at getting an 850w psu but these are impossible to get right now in the UK atleast. I should say based on availability I'm looking at the following ones: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/750w-antec-ea750gearthwatts-gold-pro-hybrid-modular-80plus-gold-sli-crossfire-single-rai-120mm-f
  5. Another option is the seasonic Focus GX-850. Same price as the super flower, unfortunately by the time I went to buy the corsair it's gone out of stock
  6. Perfect thank you very much I'll go and order that
  7. Excellent, saves me a tenner. Any particular reason why? I'd heard the super flower ones were good too
  8. I hope it's ok to ask I need a new 850W PSU as my 650W isn't sufficient for my 3700x and a 3080. I've got the option to purchase either the Super Flower Leadex III ARGB or the CORSAIR RM850x They're £135 and £125 delivered respectively, if you had the choice which one's the better purchase?