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  1. Oh, I meant to say outside the case. Edited last minute sorry
  2. So I recently completed my first build and wanted to decorate my rather plain PC case. This might sound like a stupid question but; Is it safe for the internal components if I place magnets as a form of decor on the outside of my case?
  3. Yeah, I just did some clicking and I saw both sdd drives listed in Properties and the device status shows them as working fine. Only problem now is to see how I can have my M.2 appear in my Devices
  4. Here it is. I don't know if something here is the M.2 storage that I can't see in my Files?
  5. You guys are right, I just noticed it as GS Data Backup. Although I still can't find my M.2 storage listed next to my SSD.
  6. You're right, I just noticed it as GS Data Backup. Although I still can't find my M.2 storage listed next to my SSD.
  7. So I turned on my PC for the first time but I dont see the rest of my TB storage on my files? Also booted up right away to the desktop, but I dont know if its because Best Buy did the final installations? They also supposedly transferred my old data to my 2.5 SSD that's in this PC. Help please, I'm totally lost.
  8. My PC is ready to be plugged in. I just wanna know where I should plug in my monitor's display cable to, my Mobo port or GPU (RTX 3070) Display port?
  9. So I can't seem to plug in my CPU ATX 24 pin all the way in on my motherboard. I've already put pressure and I dont know what to do. Been having problems with this build because some pin cables just won't go in their plugs without resistance.
  10. It's ok. I've watched that video but I still didn't understand. However, I managed to put my board in. As you can see the shield (even tho the other ports are lined up) doesn't look too straight but the standoffs did line up. Now to see tomorrow if I didn't mess up my motherboard
  11. But don't you have to install the shield first? Don't know how it's possible to insert it after, since it can only be inserted from the inside.
  12. No, the tabs on the shield. I installed the IO shield first and then the mobo. Then I took the mobo out after it wasn't fitting.
  13. Yeah. Dont know if I need to bend the tabs or not
  14. Not really. That's my mobo IO shield, and the standoffs don't line up because the IO ports don't go all the way in. I took out the mobi cuz I'm afraid I'll damage it