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  1. Summary Allegedly multiple users received Alienware m15r5 laptops with reduced core counts (4608 vs 5120.) Dell responded some configurations contains a vbios error. They expect to have a fix as early as mid June. Quotes My thoughts I'm watching this closely as it is a model I'm considering to replace my 4 year old Aero. I normally travel for 3 months of the year for work before the pandemic hit. Sources PC Gamer Post
  2. 2 PSUs in a row is very unlikely. Did you update the bios on the MB before installing zen3? If you tried another CPU/MB, does it have onboard graphics? Try it that way without GPU. Also try it outside the case to make sure it's not some sort of short contact. If the other lights come on but not the fans etc, that means there's no 12V. Is there any other device connected to the MB? (For example a wifi card)
  3. Thanks for the info. The PSU is auto switching from 110 to 240. I think it's the right plug by the pictures? At least from what I can make out.
  4. So I have couple spare 240V AC outlets ( which I believe is 6-15 type) that I am not utilizing. I was think of buying couple cables to power my HP 1200W PSUs as well as a converted 240V Server PSU (For my 24V DC battery charger) As far as I know regular server 240v PSUs use C13 to C14 plugs and C14 to 6-30/50 type of locking plugs. I think this is the cable I need. Is there anything else I need to watch out for? Thanks!
  5. You are probably using a low power profile from quickminer. Use -600 core +1200 vram 132w
  6. Such crash wow. Here's the real reason China bans crypto from financial institutions
  7. This type of holier than thou attitude is exactly why I deleted Fold in 2004 and hasn't looked back. Who are you to dictate additional electricity and potential hardware costs to a private user? I'd rather donate the money to a reputable and high efficiency charity.
  8. Your VRAM temp or GPU die temp? If it's the GPU temp check if you have good enough contact with the GPU die. You might need more paste.
  9. If it came with the waterblock it might be a different height than stock. Better to caliper or at measure it with a ruler.
  10. Maybe a different SSD. Pretty sure the Sn550 is DRAM less.
  11. ? are you worried about the paint or components? No issues with paint, it's not a sticky tape. Inside your PC only hard drives and unshielded cables are potential issues. And you'd need some strong magnets over time for that to happen.
  12. If you are already using server PSU, why not just get another one and use the breakout board interconnect.
  13. Got a weird issue on one of my machines. I wanted to add a M2 AX201 wifi card to the setup (Asus Z390-P with i5-8400.) The system will not boot with this card installed. Can't even turn the power on. I've only needed to change network cards in Laptops before and they always just worked. Latest Bios is installed. The board is supposed to be certified with Intel CRF. Is there a setting I need to change in BIOS? Or if someone's seen this before... Thanks.
  14. Definitely install the latest drivers first. I find newer games are sensitive to outdated drivers. If you did a clean install then you shouldn't have any old drivers remain. Did you try HWinfo64 to see it matches the readings of GPU-Z? What about bios? Did you update to the newest bios with resize BAR on the GPU? What about the MB bios? Try updating both if you haven't and enable 4G encoding in MB bios. The other thing to try is enable HW GPU scheduling in display settings -> Graphic settings.