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  1. I tried using CloneZilla to clone one hard drive to a smaller hard drive and I never got it to work. I think shrinking the partition on the 1TB HDD is the best option as has been posted. Make sure to backup everything first of course.
  2. Thanks for your interest! Do you know someone else who would want it? Or maybe someone that could hold on to it for you until you have your own place?
  3. Hello, This is my first post ever on LTT forums. I am not sure if I am breaking any rules...please go easy on me. I have a really nice Panasonic 27in flat screen CRT TV with front component video. It has really nice built in speakers too. The recycling around me refuses to take CRTs...I was hoping that this would find a happy home instead of being e-waste. I think someone into retro gaming would really appreciate this CRT TV, but I have had it listed for quite some time with no takers. Do you know of any website or forum where I might find an interested party? Do you k