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  1. i had it repasted by a proffesional. lol. thanks, gonna go to a different computer store and sit there and post live updates on their work. i have no experience working on laptops i only worked on desktops before. i did undervolt with throttlestop and it helped a ton but its still not great. thanks for letting me know something is wrong.
  2. this is actually a joke. left on 2 hours idle base clock is 2.6gh
  3. yeah i just called my local pc shop, said it wouldnt do anything but i insisted. i can probably get one within the next hour. live thread guys?
  4. lol, thats a pretty extreme solution, i'll see what i can do ask some proffesionals around but for something i can do now, anything?
  5. i can only buy for what i can sell - which is probably around 7000 zloty - which is around 1700 dollars. i think.
  6. some people have reportedly had some success trying to throttlestop this thing - someone HELP i dont understand what im seeing
  7. i sold my gaming pc because im on the go alot
  8. omen laptops have locked speeds and voltages
  9. im expecting it to at least mantain some kind of turbo for more than 5 seconds while gaming and not reach constant 99C under BASE CLOCK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA a ryzen computer with a 2080 died for this
  10. Just repasted this thing, cleaned the fans, the whole deal - cpu hitting 100c ON BASE CLOCK IN GAME if nothing can be done i'll be selling this garbage can for cheap, hit me up if you're willing to take this shit off my hands.