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  1. I’ll probably have to do something like this. I found a case, Thermaltake P3 I think is what it’s called. I like it, it checks all the boxes. I just don’t like how it’s not closed off whatsoever. If something happens to spill and/or get dropped onto it, it would cause much more damage than if the case was fully enclosed. It would be nice if it was at least covered on the top.
  2. While I think you are technically correct. I do not believe it’s enough to notice a difference. Maybe a degree or two as long as it’s a decent case. And airflow/pressure is managed properly
  3. Thanks, I have seen this case but it is nice. If I remember correctly, that case has similar performance in terms of thermals as the 4000D. It has no support for vertically mounting GPU of any kind. I still prefer the 4000D over this. Although the support for vertical mounting in the 4000D seems to be at a heavy sacrifice to performance/thermals given how close it is to the glass panel.
  4. I’m looking for a white case with good airflow/cooling. Preferably with good vertical GPU mount support without killing the card. The specs are an RTX 3080 and i9-10900K. Looking for a mid tower design with support for an ATX motherboard. Plan on using a 240mm AIO for CPU. Probably would use 360mm, but support for that is harder to find. They also have very few white ones to begin with. I’d like to stick with Corsair for this one, but the only alternative I would accept would be an Asus one. I’ll link all necessary components that will influence case and referenced items below. I’m