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  1. Thats pretty awesome. And good it's news too, looks like I'll be abe to stay using Nvidia. A little bit of a shame as I bought this TV because it has freesync. But never mine, eh. Good to know that at the high frame rates Freesync isn't quite so neccesary. Especially with Vsync enabled
  2. This is absolutely the question I'm asking. But thankfully I think I'm getting the answer I wanted - that vrr as a reason to switch isn't neccesarily worth it on its own. Thanks for your help!
  3. As far as I'm aware it isn't specific to 10 series. But I absolutely could be wrong. All the googling I've done conclude that it isn't though. Is a special function of the monitor you are using? I think you can check whether it is working by looking in the Nvidia control panel, there will be an extra menu on the left if Freesync is active. Or so I hear, I can't varify that myself obviously. But according to this guy it doesn't really matter if it is working or not at higher refresh rates
  4. Of course if there is tearing it is very annoying to me. But can't think of a single time that I couldn't remedy it by switching on Vsync. So are you saying that Freesync is in essence a substitute for Vsync?
  5. They do support Freesync, you're right. I am aware of that. But they only support it if your display has a displayport input, which mine does not
  6. Thank you for you reply! Ok i see, thats very interesting to hear. So at higher refresh rates the benefits of G/Freesync become less noticable? You're kind of telling me what I want to hear too, so thanks for that as well
  7. I'm pretty sure my GPU had died today. MSI GTX 1070 Armor. The red LED Debug light on my motherboard has come on. It indicates there is a problem with the GPU. This has never happened before. Anyway this is not query I have! My question is - is Freesync AMAZING enough that it is worth switching to AMD for?? ** The display I use is a Samsung TV Q70R. It's native refresh rate at 1080p and 1440p is 120hz (60hz at 4K). And it also supports Freesync which as we know is AMD only, unless you have a displayport input in your monitor. My TV does not have a displayport. This is unfortun