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  1. Shipping to my place became massively delayed to the point I do not want to get something from overseas unless it is from australia which is very close to my place. The Viper Mini is available in my place but that firmware feature to avoid debouncing (I forgot what it was but is intentional switch delay for when a certain event happens) and also because the brand is Razer that I am very skeptical of. So I am not comfortable about the Viper Mini and that feature. If the switch delay was the same as the feature then I wouldn't worry about it but the feature triggers the added delay when a certai
  2. I am a fingertip gripper user and there are not many mice out there that are designed for the best of fingertip gripping. I looked at the reviews for the upcoming G Wolves HSK but that is not available yet. And I also saw reviews for the Roccat Burst Pro and yet to try that out in a local store close to me which got the mouse in stock to try out. With the HSK not available yet and the Burst Pro having some nice features, I thought of the nuclear option to remove the back of the Roccat even if that is at the cost of the side buttons being removed, and then use 3d printing at my local library to
  3. Is it possible by any means to be able to use the Tab as a primary PC monitor? I know I can just go get a monitor but there are no monitors out there besides those huge TV sized ones that have an OLED screen, decent motion handling, not too huge, and has high refresh rate (120Hz and above). I can even use the Tab as my laptop too and make use of it as a PC monitor when available. I know it is possible to connect the Tab to another device to act as a secondary monitor but what about if I only want to have one display on being the Tab?