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  1. also my power button is working so that’s what leads me to my ram being the problem as bios wouldn’t work as soon as i set a default ram speed so i think what’s happening is since the computer isn’t booting up to bios it’s not going to utilize any usb accessories since there’s nothing to boot to
  2. yes i have reset bios but bios won’t boot, like my pc will turn on but won’t display anything as well as not connect with any usb ports like the usb devices won’t connect. and i didn’t see a voltage value on bios bc my bios isn’t super detailed or im just not good with it
  3. so i tried overclocking my ram in bios then i couldn’t boot up bios, my friends and i were troubleshooting and i did a couple of cmos resets i even let the battery sit for 8 hours and replaced the cmos battery. i came to the realization that my ram is probably busted but i wanna get a second opinion before replacing it