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  1. I mean, my friend had the platinum one, it still exploded, its all luck. I have no +plus badge PSU, still running good. So its all luck
  2. Hey, i got 2 fans. 1 My cpu tower cooler and 1 a normal rgb fan, right now im using the rgb as intake fan, giving air to my cpu fan and my cpu fan takes fresh air My problem is, my graphics card, when i close the case, it just burns But cpu, its cold as hell, 10-40 degrees max, So is there any way i can get some air to my GPU? Keep in mind if i dont close the case gpu stays OK
  3. I managed to play apex with two gpus, but it was unstable at a times, i was just playing with settigns on nvidiainspector. Anyone really gone trough all of this and found a fix ? I just bought this card and didn't expect this to happen ;-; I could had buy the 780 ti instead
  4. I don't get it, there must be a way we use both chips to feed the game
  5. When i play genshin impact. I get magnificant fps scores at highest. But when i get to play apex legends or Pubg. Ouch! I can only play at high settings stable And i noticed this. When i play Pubg or apex legends, the GPU 2 stays at 30 degrees while the other heated up to 70! It's like free real estate but the game is not using it! Any helps about how i can fix this? It really bugs me and its very sad.. :(