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  • Birthday June 30

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    West-Coast Canada (UTC-8)
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    Not having a potato that Dell tried to pass off to my tech-illiterate folk as being worth 900$.
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    I'm gay, stupid, and a Demiboy. If you have a problem with the first or last one, please leave and never come back.
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    Unemployed. Thanks, Covid!


  • CPU
    Current: AMD FX-8120 | Planned: Ryzen 3 3100
  • Motherboard
    Current: Some random ASUS AM3 board with a stupidly long name. | Planned: B450 mATX ASRock Pro4
  • RAM
    Current: No idea, but it's terrible. Ddr3 @ 600 mhz 8 gb is all I know. | Planned: 16 GB Dual channel of some kind, not sure which.
  • GPU
    Current: 1050 ti | Planned: 1660 Super
  • Case
    Current: Some random grey office case or something. Seriously, it's huge. | Planned: No idea. Open to suggestions.
  • Storage
    Current: Some WD drive I've never heard of with 1.398 TB of storage | Planned: Crucial MX500 1 TB SATA SSD
  • PSU
    Current: Some garbage thermaltake that barely works. | Planned: SeaSonic FOCUS 550 Watt semi-modular 80+ gold
  • Display(s)
    21 inch 1920×1080p @ 75hz by Acer, not sure which specifically.
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Some random filthy budget LED mechanical keyboard that a friend gave me.
  • Mouse
    Logitech Master MS100 (I think is the name? It's really ergonomic and nice.)
  • Sound
    SkullCandy Hesh 3
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home (Might move to Linux soon)
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    Samsung S7 which can barely run this page.

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  1. 200 watt for the 3060 ti? Doesn't Nvidia reccomend atleast 400 (And with the power surges from the 30 series you might need more!)
  2. That'll be exciting if true! Let's just hope Nvidia sorts out their supply issues.
  3. So, apparently the RTX 3050 Ti is slated for launch this month, but I'm curious for what everybody on the forum thinks will become of it. Will it be like the 1660 Super, and allow for high-end gaming at a reasonably low cost? Or will it end up falling short due to it possibly being too power hungry for that price range's available PSUs? Maybe it'll just end up being crushed by AMD's inevitable budget RDNA2 card? I wanted to make this post just to see what you guys think since it's interesting to talk about this stuff.
  4. NVidia's looks pretty darn close to native resolution, unless you're purposefully trying to look for flaws, meanwhile AMD's... Doesn't really exist. I'd say that gives NVidia quite the headstart. Also, good luck trying to find either of those.
  5. These are hardly even similar systems. Also, is he overclocking his GPU at all? He can't with the CPU since it's a non-K, and try and verify he's actually being honest.
  6. The Motherboard is the Gigabyte A520M S2H AM4 mATX 4+3 Phase. It has no debug LEDs as far as I'm aware.
  7. As far as I'm aware it isn't even posting. It powers on, fans spin, and that's it. No signal, no beeps, no post. I'm not sure if he has another cable around, but I'll ask.
  8. As far as I'm aware, the MB is compatible with the CPU. I'll ask for what model it is, and if there's a light on it, as I'm not physically able to check it out at the moment due to covid. Thanks for helping though!
  9. Hi so a very nice friend of mine just put together his first ever PC build. Unfortunately for him he's getting no display from the system to the monitor, so I'm making this post on his behalf. So far the fixes he has tried are: Swapping monitors Re-Seating RAM Re-Seating GPU Re-Seating CPU Swapping PSUs Installing new drivers for the GPU Some sort of BIOS intervention, he didn't quite explain very well, but it involved the included CD with the Mobo Some extra information: The system is using a recycled GPU from his la
  10. So I got a Hesh 3 Headset for my birthday, I mainly use it as headphones, but I know that it has an integrated microphone. I wanted to test it out, as my standing mic is too close to my PC (No desk room), and is picking up lots of background noise. So when I tried to use it via AUX cord, it only picks up as an output. Understandable, I've heard that some headsets need cable a cable splitter to detect both I and O. So I tried it on BlueTooth, and this time Windows Picks it up as a Headset, not Headphones. So far so good, but then I launched Audacity, and it only recognized my Blue S
  11. It's a hard drive. Even new ones are still painfully slow compared to SSDs. Also, it's probably coming close to the end of it's life, so I wouldn't put any important files on it, but as for using it as a "for now" drive, anything is better than nothing. Just make frequent back-ups.
  12. It's entirely possible that Windows, in it's infinite knowledge which obviously is never wrong (sarcasm) is miss-reporting the actual frequency. Try and stress test the RAM at both values (stock and OC), and see if it is actually the RAM's fault, or of it's just windows being, well, windows.
  13. I feel like if I've got 2 ARGB fans in the front, I'm sort of forced to get an argb one for the back so it fits in. Are there ANY good argb fans that aren't too expensive, or should I just bite the aesthetic bullet and buy a non-lit one. Either way, what fan would you reccomend?
  14. The MB311L looks promising. Would you recommend me adding a fan in the rear for improved airflow, or is it not really needed?