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  1. Thank you a lot so everything is fine - also i went back to try to replicate it and it didn't happened again it was ONLY ONCE and ONLY on that AREA really strange
  2. I have no problems in 3Dmark or Heaven/Superposition or Furmark ... it did that only in the game only in that are ONLY once when i went back to this same area after an hour there was no texture glitches ..... Strange . The GPU is new no need of cleaning. Im with the latest drivers too installed using DDU before
  3. CPU-Ryzen 5 3600 GPU- MSI GAMING X Nvidia 1660 Mobo AsRock B450 Fatality Gaming K4 PSU- Seasonic Core Gold 500W Hello guys, last night when i was playing AC Valhalla i got a texture that was following the main character - glitching/geometry or whatever it is called BUT only in that game and ONLY in one area on the map. So i want to know what EXACTLY is ARTIFACTING ? The thing that happened is similar to this but i have ground texture attaching to the character and bugging out glitching following me PS: After that i left that area in the game and no more textu
  4. Yes they do without a problem after Superposition crashing ONCE i tried again and this time it run and passed the benchmark then i tried 3DMark and it passed it too. It crashed ONLY ONCE in Superposition while LOADING the benchmark
  5. It crashed only ONCE then right after that i tried again ( and i passed the benchmark 2 times ) so From 3 times it crashed only the first time and not IN the benchmark but IN the loading screen
  6. CPU - Ryzen 5 3600 GPU - MSI GAMING X Nvidia 1660 Mobo - Asrock B450 Fatality K4 Gaming Ram - Hyper X Fury CL16 32GB 3200Mhz PSU - Seasonic Core 500W Gold Hello guys, as i decided to try Superposition for a benchmark after some problems in Valorant ( im not sure maybe it was just the game ) but still i decided to try the benchmark in Superposition on 1080p and the first time the app crashed on Loading screen of the benchmark and i found a log in Event Viewer and Reliability Monitor for error but only the APP and not a hardware one ( thank god ) So i tried 2nd time and this ti
  7. So to conclude its nothing to worry about ? Even that drops to 60% while playing Division 2 when CPU load is at 40% max ? I tested with CinebenchR23 MultiCore when CPU was at 100% load and didnt dropped lower than 95% it was staying 97-95%
  8. But why it is red only starting Divison but not other games ? Also drops low while streaming for a second etc then its back to normal 100+ ? Thank you !
  9. CPU - Ryzen 5 3600 Mobo - ASrock B450 Fatality K4 Gaming - latest Bios GPU - MSI Gaming X - Nvidia 1660 non-super Hello guys, just curious as i read whole day on the internet about that feature of AMD Ryzen - Power Deviation but didnt understand much i wanna ask here too .... I have zero problems idle ( no red numbers, nothing ) but When i start streaming ( StreamLab ) or i start Division 2 while loading HWinfo shows Minimal Power Deviation in red like 85%-60% etc than while playing its okay again 100%+..... Then i read that this only matters when the CPU is on FULL LOAD ( 1
  10. Well thank you dude Imma use the CPU at stock Default Bios settings with the boost and everything ( they are still under warranty also ) so i guess nothing to worry about and the 75C temp is not constant it only spikes for a second or two then goes back to 65ish gaming - Idle voltage drops to 0.977V - 1V with 36C
  11. Well the CPU spikes to 1.46V as its shown in the MAXIMUM part of HWinfo64 but avarage is 1.3V gaming so idk if have to be concerned or not Everything is on default now C-State - Auto - PBO - Auto