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  1. Hello guys, i have a kinda odd problem.. Sometimes my gpu fan is stuck like it sits at 1049 RPM and doesnt move like it stays exactly at 1049 RPM... And sometimes it stuck at 0 RPM...all that when i make game profile tuning in Adrenaline 2020 like disabling Zero RPM in low demanding games and something bugs..... And when i play those games fans bugs and sometimes stuck when they run and sometimes they dont even run...... PS: also any information what Bearings ASRock is using on that card ? Like if i disable zero rpm in global settings will they get broken?? If they run always ??
  2. its actually too difficult to be heard - i just noticed it when i put my ear on the pc case Can't hear it with headphones.Thanks a lot ! I guess i should continue exploring Night City
  3. well i tried in medium settings which got VRAM down to 90% from 95% at High. its 1080p - 1920x1080
  4. Just started playing Cyberpunk at - High settings and noticed that when GPU boost CLOCK reach 1750MHz i hear strange buzzing from the PC case. Is that that famous COIL WHINE - ( its first time im hearing anything like this ) its like electrical buzzing but its not that loud its like tzzzz ( im sure its not fans grinding ). When i press ESC in the game buzzing stops and when i continue and reaches temp/MHz it starts buzzing. Also noticed in Adrenaline that it uses 95% VRAM and Clock Speed is 1750MHz too - is that normal using that much VRAM ? or it will break my card if i continue using
  5. So after a lot of troubleshooting with my card - drivers,crashes etc ... i think i finally fixed the BSOD's green screens crashes,driver timeout crashes.... but now i noticed that when im playing games the clock and Wattage is fluctuating. Like it hits 1750 MHz and then after 3 seconds drops to 1220 MHz or something when moving in the game ( AC Odyssey ). The power also fluctuates with the Clock like when it drops down the power drops too like from 120W to 70W then to 50W and the goes up again ..... is it wrong readings,or my PSU is not enough for the card ? The PSU is - Seasonic
  6. Well thank you for your answer and i really appreciate it but i'll wait for other solutions or ideas ! : ) In the end if nothing helps i'll try that too !
  7. Why would i reinstall Windows ? It was fine 3 days ago and it started crashing everyday now .. it crashed today again when i launched AC Odyssey - it crashed on loading screen ... i know its something that triggers it but i can't find what is it
  8. So everything was fine 2 days ago without updating anything my GPU driver started crashing once a day and AMD Adrenaline Software shows Driver Timeout error. It doesn't matter where i am - gaming or desktop it crashes randomly once - i think something is triggering the crash because if i turn on the computer but don't use it there are no crashes, Things i tried: Before installing the card i uninstalled old Nvidia drivers using DDU. - its not something that i tried to troubleshoot the problem just fyi. Played with Adrenaline settings - nothing helps. Today i updated AMD Chipset - n
  9. Thank you so much dude .... for reassuring me ... im so paranoid bout things like this ..... now im gonna play something demanding to test it if its working fine then i guess its fine ... thanks again a lot !
  10. Yeah it was a little shock i think but when i felt it i just let the cable - then right after that i plugged everything and turned on the PC and everything was fine ... checked HWInfo and PSU voltages were fine also ... but im paranoid i guess .... So if everything is working just fine it should be okay right ?
  11. What do you mean the other end ? it was plugged on the PSU ...... and it kinda shocked me when i touched it accidentally ..... but after that i turned on the PC and everything seems to work just fine .... im just paranoid if i damaged anything - or it will get damaged after time
  12. https://imgur.com/S1BIxvD Hello guys... So i got shocked by the power cable of the PSU while unplugging it from the cord or whatevet its called...Did i damaged anything ?? Got shocked by that part on the picture... So was it a shock or static electricity from me touching that part? PS: My mum moped the floor so it was a bit wet and i was with socks when i was unplugging it.. PS2 : I plugged and turned on the computer right after this happening everything looked fine and was working good but im still paranoid.. Did i damaged anything with what happened
  13. Im kinda new to those things so whats stoping it with Overcurrent ?