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  1. DAvdiagga


    i have a 1tb drive and i wanna get a 240gb ssd
  2. DAvdiagga


    But if i cant do that how do i do it?
  3. DAvdiagga


    Do i need to install windows again if i install a ssd?
  4. Ok man ty so much. I've larned more about computers today than in computer clas ;). Cya later man.
  5. I have the MSI b50m PRO-VDH i use my pc for gaming
  6. I just searched my ram type and its not produced anymore, ill just wait a bit, save up some money and buy new ram.
  7. ok, so CL15 is not reccomended but good? and dont mind but what does CL stand for?
  8. Thank you so much man! You helped me alot. Can i reward you in some way?
  9. so if i buy more ram what mhz do they need to be?
  10. can you explain it for a dummy like me i dont really understand
  11. Why is my ram capping at 1064 ?? i want to know the actual speed