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  1. Alright just a little update, I gave my computer to a contact of mine which builds computers and he said that its unlikely that the CPU is broken, he says he tried close inspection with the socket and he told me theres a few pins inside that he thinks the gold contacts are not there (they aren't shinning) so most likely the problem is with the motherboard socket. I'll send this to warranty and lets hope for the best! Thank you everyone!
  2. dang I really hope not, I've seen so many people having this problem and having the pins bent worst than I had and still the cpu was running fine after, I only had like miss-aligned pins and I got them straight and... error I already tried cleaning the socket with alchool and a toothbrush but still the same error, maybe I'll try to shove the alcohool in each little hole to see if it helps. Anyway thanks for your help!
  3. Let me just say one thing, I have the ryzen 7 2700x, and I went and get an AIO Yesterday. When I tried removing the Wraith Prism, it was stuck and I did a little of force and the CPU came stuck with the cooler. Result = bent pins and not working computer So please be careful, make sure to run a game before taking out the Wraith Prism, so the thermal paste is warm and not sticky. Wiggle the wraith alot before removing, and make sure to be very careful with the pins and don't screw up like I did Also I bought the AIO from DeepCool, which is a very very g
  4. Yes I tried reseating and booting with differnt combinations with RAM Sticks. I also tried clearing the CMOS and I actually removed the battery to try and reset it throught that way. Same error I don't have other PC, but I'll try to find a way to test it that way.
  5. With my Phone Camera, I have the Super Macro mode which allowed me to see the pins up close, and I saw that I had some thermal paste in some pins, So I bought alchool + a toothbrush and brushed the pins with alchool and all of the thermal paste came out. But im afraid that some got into the socket, I'll try to clean but I'm not sure if I can.
  6. Yes I would think so, because the socket has holes in which the pins go, if the pins were not going in, it would not fit or it would just wiggle like it used to. Now im putting the CPU and it fits right in, no wiggle, no nothing. I would guess its fitting nicely. My guess would be that for some reason the memory controller pins actually just stopped working, or theres something in the motherboard socket thats preventing it from deteecting the pins. But im not sure how to solve that.
  7. Yes it was the wraith prism, but its also my fault for not doing it the correct way. I'm calm now, this was yesterday, I got it back together and I'm trying to fix it. Im pretty sure there's no missing pins. There were some bent pins, only enough for it to not fit the motherboard. I've fixed those little pins and I also had tiny bits of thermal paste on the cpu pins, which I discovered later and I cleaned them with alcohool and they are all clean now. But now I have the problem where I'm not sure if its the CPU or the Motherboard Socket, because maybe theres s
  8. Alright guys so long-story-short I got a new water cooling so I took out the fan cooler that came with the Ryzen CPU and I did something wrong and the CPU came stuck with the cooler and some pins got bent. I first tried putting the CPU Back but the CPU Light was on.. so the CPU wasn't connected all the way in, so I got the pins in place again, cleaned the pins with alcoohol, and I manage to attach it right back to the motherboard. The CPU Light is now Off but... when I'm turning on the computer, the DRAM Light is ON and I have no idea on how to fix it. I tried cleaning the bios an