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  1. both mobo & cpu supports 3200Mhz memory speed, im guessing thats a minimum value (the 3600x also supports 3200Mhz memory too) atleast thats how the values are advertised on the local webshops for me anyways
  2. going by supported RAM, both the 5600x & the mobo is listed as 3200Mhz. from what i recall from the memory testing video from LTT last year with zen2. having better CAS with a lower speed, and boosting the infinity clock instead gave better results. but im not quite sure i understood it correctly tho.
  3. I havent built a PC in about a decade or so, and since then times have changed alot on what to value most when deciding on what to buy. i am trying to build a gaming rig able to handle VR and also run the soon to come out Cyberpunk. My planned build (with most parts ordered and en route or soon to be) AMD Zen3 5600x Gigabyte Geforce RTX 3070 Eagle OC Gigabyte B550i Aorus Pro AX Alpenföhn Black Ridge (with Noctua replacement fan) Corsair SFX SF600 Platnium PSU Samsung 970 EVO SSD M.2 1TB in a SFF Dancase A4-SFX V4.1 case (accordi