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  1. It works fine now, just needed an bios update, i don't really now why thats the case, but aslong as it works now, i am fine with it, thank you very much
  2. I will check if that was/is the problem tomorrow, its already 1am, i will report back but thanks for the tip
  3. Are there any other solutions i could try, because sending it back, waiting for my money etc and order a new one would take surely over a month, especially because otf the virus going around
  4. Everytime i replug the powercord of my new bqt e7 cm 580w, and i press the start button, everything starts to turn on (fans and rgb) but not the usb devices. Then i have to wait an hour till it works again. Aslong as i don't unplug and replug the powercord it also continues to boot instantly instead of a black screen. But due to my situation i move my pc alot and this is a pain in the ass. I upgraded because my old 25000₩ (about 23 dollar) psu was to weak for my new gpu, (but this boot up thing also happens with my older gpu 1050). After 1 hour of black screen the psu wo