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  1. this may sound dumb but my MSI mobo didnt post the first couple time as i had the HDD and DVDRW drive were not plugged into the right spots as it must have mattered as when i changed then around it posted fine
  2. For some reason the one site that gave info on the asus said 2666 non overclocked but i cant find that page again and now i look on the asus page its the same 3200mhz not overclocked, that was my BAD
  3. i just check out the ASUS TUF Gaming b550 -Plus wifi and compared it to the spec on the Gigabyte B550 aorus Elite wifi and i dont like the specs so much on the asus even though i have had more ASUS MoBOs then any other company but i would Rather the True 12+2 phases with digital VRM with 50Amp DRMOS on the gigabyte then the 8+2 Phase wih DRmos on the asus, the asus also only does 2666mhz ram when the Gigabyte does 3200mhz.
  4. see that is the type of info im looking for brother Thanks and as for price im not really worried as long as its under or around $300ish and that is CAD for us Rascal, im almost certain im getting the Gigabyte B550 Aorun Elite AC and either the 3600xt or 3700x and i say 3600xt as i dont really plan on overclocking so saving the cash to have to overclock it abit is not my thing plus right now the 3600xt is cheaper then the X and the XT is the same price as the 3600 so im thinking the XT minimum or the 3700x as i wont be upgrading anytime soon as my FX4100 and old 970 chipset got me this far and
  5. im not sure brother but after reading about MSI cheaped out on the VRMs and that they NEVER list there VRM phases, types or power rating when everyone else does kinda puts me on edge buying from MSI again, if they make good stuff why not list how there VRMs and mosfets are done or rated at, Gigabyte shows theres is 12+2 true phase with 50amp DRMOS ECT and MSI dont even tell you there x570 gaming edge wifi is only 4+2 phase i found that out afterwards. i think im going Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite Pro AC. as for CPU im thinking the 3600xt minimum or the 3700x. again im coming from an old 970 chi
  6. Im about 100% im going GigaByte as they dont hid there VRM info and other important info needed like MSI does, there site saying nothing about how there VRM phases are done the numbers of phases and such where ASUS and Gigabyte tell you CLEARLY what theres is and hows it done, Thanks for the info
  7. i dont know why im trying to avoid MSI or if it was cause the first X570 mobo i tried was MSI(x570 gaming edge wifi) and was nothing but issues, im considering the Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro AC. is this a better option then the MSI, as long as the Motherboards under $300ish canadian im good with that, im also wondering which is more worth buying the 3600xt or the 3700x CPU also using this motherboard as i like the direct contact heatpipe and fin array cooling for the VRMs, 1 or 2 usbs doesnt make that much of a difference to me But Thanks for the answers i really like to hear others opinions as
  8. Really i had the MSI MPG X570 Gaming edge wifi in a bundle and could not even get the driver disk installed without a BSoD or it locking up. it was paired with a 3600x and both were new i tried for 4 days to get it to be normal and NOTHING so i got annoyed and set them both back as i bought them as a combo and didn't want a CPU that was BSoDed many times right outta the box if it was the mobo and i didnt want a board that was BSoDed a ton if it was the CPU. im starting off FRESH and was told X570 is pointless unless i need to be able to use older CPUs the rest the B550 can also do like PCIe x
  9. i have 32gb Adata XPG Spectrix D41 @ 3200mhz RAM, and all the other stuff minus CPU but CPU will be Ryzen 5 3600X or XT MINIMUM as im replacing old/dead gear( 970 Chipset and FX 4100 Black edition) and need my machine back bad as i use it for 3d CAD stuff for my 3d printers and some games like World of war planes/ Warships/ Tanks, War Thunder type games. Budget for board and CPU.
  10. ok so if im not overclocking or light overclocking it then the extra 4 pin is not really needed, IF i do get a board with one should i have it powered all the time if im not overclocking? would it being powered all the time offer any stability to the system under loads? Im coming from a 970 Chipset and an FX 4100 Black edition with a 4 pin only so im new to all this new Ryzen stuff but CANY wait to get a Board and get my tower back working again, Thanks again and any info is GREAT
  11. You could choose one of the two NOT x570 motherboards that im stuck on deciding between the ASUS ROG Strix B550-F(wifi6) or the Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro AC, Both have pic-e 4.0 if running a supported cpu like the x570 according to the sites, which one of these two boards is the better option? depends on the person i guess? or is one better then the other
  12. im going threw that exact same issue and the answer i been getting is going x570 dont really have any benefits overt the B550 so im stuck at the same issue which one to buy, ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING(WI-FI) or the Gigabyte Aorus b550 Pro AC, both have 12+2 phase power setup but done differently, the Aorus has completely covered Chokes and Mosfets, but the ROG Strix has a contact heatpipe with a fin array. I plan on running the Ryzen5 3600x or xt at first then go up from there as im not a hardcore gaming or overclocker and only want a new, faster(then my old FX 4100), and more reliable m
  13. Budget (including currency): ?????? Country: Cronada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Other details looking for advise on which one of these 2 motherboards to buy as it seems going x570 in kinda pointless and was told to go b550 instead. So i got it down to 2 mother boards. #1 Gigabyte B550 aorus Pro AC...#2 Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming (wifi6). i kinda like the way the ROG Strix has ALL of the Mosfets and chokes completely under the heatsinks, BUT the Aorus does have a contact heat pipe and array fins. BOTH have 6 layer PCBs, BOTH are 12+2 phase powe
  14. well it lloks like its a B550 something then, ANY nice mid to high end suggestions?
  15. so if im not overclocking or needing pcie4.0 or using anything lower then a 3600x or xt there is NO point in going for ANY x570.