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  1. I was picking parts for my first build and I saw that the motherboard that I had selected ( Asus Prime Z490-A ) had a USB Type C Port. Since this is an output port ( this is just my assumption, if you know better, please enlighten me ) and most USB-C cables have a Type-A on one side and a Type - C on the other, if I plug the male Type - C into the female Type - C Port on the back I/O of the motherboard, I would have an unplugged male USB Type-A connector. So in order to plug it somewhere, you know since the cable is supposed to be plugged on both ends, I would need a device with a female USB -
  2. Yeah but it said featuring Linus Tech Tips, but Linus wasn't there. He just used some of Linus Tech Tips footage. Linus wasn't with him.
  3. Ah yes! The title! I clicked that video because It had ft.Linus Tech Tips! So isn't that misleading? Can't we take some action?
  4. Guys, I was just searching for the video with Shroud and Paul when I suddenly stumbled upon this video. Since you uses Linus Tech Tips footage in his video can we copy strike him? I mean the guy lives in India for god's sake! There's no way he possibly could have gotten permission! This is the guy: < removed by moderation > P.S. He has an even worse fashion sense than Linus, which I thought was impossible. The Verge did copystrike Bitwit right? Can we do the same?