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  1. You are not the only one - my CPU does only hover on around the 50 percent of utilization while not using the GPU (using the 3070 and 3600), guess for now all of the people using 3600 or similar CPU's will experience similar issues, as a lot of my friends do as well. We need to wait for the patches or upgrade the CPU I guess
  2. I do have similar issues - 1440p / Ultra settings with cascaded settings turned to medium as well as clouds turned down to high, I do get 50 percent CPU and 50 percent GPU usage. In areas like interior, outside of the city the GPU usage is fine. I do have DLSS on Quality. Also, the frames drop like mad while driving from the third person mode, no matter the settings. My specs: Ryzen 5 3600 @ stock 16gb DDR4 3200mhz dual channel RTX 3070 Founders edition GL850 1440p 144hz screen (have tried to disable G-SYNC, made no difference at all) 650w FM2 Supremo PSU EDIT: someone has
  3. I do use the same setup and on 1440p w Ultra / DLSS quality I do get some nasty FPS drops when driving in the car from the 3rd person. I do notice that my GPU usage does not max out, same for CPU, the game is just poorly optimized yet
  4. I do not reach 144fps, yes, the GPU is on x16 I thought about SC bottleneck, that might as well be the case. Now im doubting whether to keep 3600 or upgrade
  5. I am using RTX 3070 FE / Ryzen 3600 stock / 2x8gb 3200mhz CL16 RAM alongside with a 1440p 144hz G-SYNC monitor. While playing RDR2, my GPU usage fluctuates from 75-95 percent (higher percentage always being outside the city), however, my CPU is never used above 80percent. (I am using HW Unboxed RDR2 settings) If I set the settings to ULTRA, my GPU usage looks normal - about 95-97 percent. Same thing with GTA V - 1440p ultra @ 4x msaa / 1.25 scaling - All fine. 1440p ultra @ no msaa/scaling, GPU usage can drop as low as 60 percent in the city, with FPS dropping to 80 from
  6. IgnasG

    CPU cooler sag

    Hey! I have noticed that my Deepcool Gammaxx 400 v2 is sagging a little bit (about a few degree angle). I understand that the picture attached is not the best quality, but you can see a slight slight angle on the heatsink. I do get good temperatures and fan speed is alright as well. Is this something to worry about? Using it on a Ryzen 5 3600 + B450 fatal1ty k4 by Asrock. Thank you for your answers in advance! edit: I have mounted the cooler securely, tightening the screws in X pattern, so the mounting should be fine.
  7. Thank you very much! One more thing that concerns me, is that even in full idle, the GPU fans are still running at 1000 RPM, even though I have read that the GPU has no FAN mode. Can't set fans to 0RPM even via Afterburner.
  8. Hello! Recently I got RTX 3070 FE, and now I am a little concerned about temperatures/fan speed. I use the Deepcool Mattrexx 55 MESH case with 2 intake fans at the front (one at the top, another at the bottom) and one exhaust fan. Using NVIDIA's performance overlay I can see that my Fan speed goes to around 2-2.1k when playing Red Dead Redemption 2. The temperatures are in the 74-77 C degrees range. When looking at the benchmarks done by others I see that the Fan speed usually goes up to around 1.6-1.8k maintaining the same temperatures I get. Should