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  1. yeah, not that much difference in performance and turbo mode. The clock rates and temperatures and all increases but it still uses very little portion of them.
  2. these are the values on silence mode, and whenever i try to fly or something the FPS value goes down to 60-70 and CPU doesn't push itself to increase it.
  3. in silence mode, its around 2.6-3 GHz and the temperature is 60-65 degrees, but still both CPU and GPU usage is as low as 20-30%. And this model has 8GB ram and really looking forward to stick another 8Gig.
  4. Model:G512LU-HN080T GPU: GTX 1660 TI(probably max-q version) CPU:Intel i7-10750H Don't know about the PSU, this is a laptop temperatures are around 80-90 maximum 8gb one channel ram, around 7gb is used while in the game
  5. I just bought a Asus ROG Strix laptop with 144hz screen, installed games and started playing but on some games(to be specific, Minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege and CS:GO) gpu usage is low(around 30% in minecraft and around 50% in rainbow six with medium settings). The problem is the games are smooth, but they dont get 144fps. They're around 100-110 fps so it doesn't keep up with refresh rate. I tried adding them to Nvidia control panel and setting the power option to maximum performance, but it just doesnt run as smooth as other games(League Of Legends and Rocket League seems fine with locked 144F