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  1. Okay! And that would give me more bang for my buck versus just getting a new monitor with higher refresh?
  2. Those both seem like they're outside of my price range, but I'll see if I can find anything on ebay. Once again Im still learning, but would there be a disadvantage to switching from all AMD to a NVIDIA card? Should I try to stay within the AMD suite or is it okay to branch out?
  3. If thats the case, what graphics card would you recommend for my price range?
  4. Howdy! I have a very solid gaming PC that has served me well for the past 3 years. Over time I have upgraded and added peripherals and so on and so forth a little haphazardly, and so have an eclectic mix of new and old parts. I am trying to become more tech literate, but I'm still unsure where my PC is thriving and where it is lacking. So with Christmas season around the corner, the wife and I think I'll have around $400 USD to spend on upgrades. Where should I focus that money? Getting better peripherals, upgrading the monitor, replacing the graphics card, or a mix of the three? If you were i