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  1. I was playing and for the 3rd time a program set fan curve to 40%.... I was noticing abit laggy performance and then realized it was throttling down, and being at 92C, Perhaps i had been playing like that for 25-30 min this time.... Am i fine ? or is it possible it could be damaged by now? Im noticing fps drops more than before in the same game too. Maybe its only due to me overreacting.
  2. Can i have it on a 120 desk? or 140? i got a 120 but i have my pc too.... Is there something i could put my PC on instead of the desk? Ideas!! pls ;D
  3. Alright! well seems like COMPUTERSALG fucked me over with the "in stock" Del. date : 12-22 2020........ Is a LG cx 48" to big or not?
  4. Kk guys, i just got my hand on the 27" LG ULTRAGEAR 27GN950. Question is, should i keep that one, or wait till my 38" LG ULTRAGEAR 38GN950 ships? Or... is it worth keeping both?
  5. Ive been looking mainly for a 4k monitor, but recently i saw UltraGear 38GN950 for example which is 3840*1600, Is that close enought to 4k, or will it be a noticeable change? even Samsung Odyssey G9 C49G95 seems interesting but im afrain x1440p is not enought for me and since i sit on a 3090 i want as high res as possible. Please help me into a decision
  6. What about the G9 samsung? curved one or LG 27'' UltraGear 27GN950 4K
  7. Yeah i was looking a the 48cx, and the xg27uq aswell as the LG one, but thing is since ive had a PG27UQ im afraid that it might not feel the same for me unless i go OLED, in which case i fear its way to big for me and i would also need a bigger desk.
  8. What monitor is the to-go for a pair with RTX 3090 at 4k?
  9. Well what i think is that, if there is "actual monitor" for abit more, i can live with that extra cash spent, but if there is no other better option than cx.... It's just a tad bit to big
  10. Not worth it if i risk burn ins
  11. I do have a OLED C8 (only 60hz at 4k tho) but question is , is it worth to buy for example LG 48CX OLED and game on?
  12. I will game on it, 4k is a must( or more ) , similar specs as pg27uq i guess Im gaming on a 3090 so i assume i can go with the G9 and still have good fps?