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  1. Thank you for a good response LogicalDrm! Reading it again now you are absolutely right, I was not clear on what I tried to communicate, and I will try to take your response to better my writing. Working as an AV technician, I also have a very specific definition of what streaming is, and have not considered that it is used in a much broader sense than live streaming a multi-camera/screen event. I also probably spot minor errors which for the most part people don't pick up on. I should probably consider that as well before speaking. The issue in question was the audio drop-out with a following
  2. I'm sorry if my writing isn't up to your standards. Not intended as a tutorial, but I think the points are valid. With audio drop-outs and what seemed at times as a lack of control, this is how it's usually solved. While gfe is fine for single person streams, more complex arrangements require more complex systems/solutions. OBS is great for what it is, but maybe not as great as dedicated solutions.
  3. Having followed quite a few of the streams I hope I can contribute with a little input from an AV tech pov. Streams can be difficult, especially with multiple streams consolidated into one like in the case of the Tech Support challenges that I've been lucky enough to catch live two times (of two?). Or handling keys/titles on WAN show for example. I think most of the technical issues there can be sorted with a bit of training and a rethink of the equipment used. Ideally it should be considered to contact a rental house and get a deal there (equipment rental + tech/training). I don't know t