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  1. In reality its really a comparison between the MX4s and like a traditional "gaming headset" like the hyper x Clouds. But I see your point, Yeah ive searched on the webs but it does seem like the delay from it being Bluetooth would cause a problem. I do wish get those MX4s pretty soon though. So In this case would the Hyper X Cloud II be a good headset like in general? or what would u suggest. I will have a seperate Mic so im really needing a headset just for audio purposes in streaming
  2. Also adding to my repsonse ^^ The noise cancelling is a reason why I thought it was a good option. but I'll let you see my position and hopefully you can help me make a decision.
  3. I will be using an external microphone tho Shure SM7B. btw i said thank you because your the only one that actually helped me so far. But yes i will be using a Mic, Im just seeing if getting MX4s for audio is a good option so I can use them for streaming and stuff and also outside of streaming and on the road.
  4. Do Sony headphones work for streaming? like the Bluetooth ones for example.(WH-1000MX4) If I'm in the market to buy those since black Friday is coming up, would those be fine for streaming usage with no problem? or are they completely different from like the Hyper X Cloud headphones. Let me know you side on this matter. Appreciate it -LudWigPoggers #MYCPUCURCPU #MyRigBetter
  5. Im going to post this here because I posted on another forum and they did not help at all So I've been looking for some headphones to buy and since the holidays are coming up I'm trying to get a steal on prices. I was looking to buy the WH-1000MX4 for a while now because I love its features and simply because I broke my old ones BUT I was wondering if it possible to use those head phones for streaming / gaming as well? The Main reason I ask is because I'm not sure If the features on it such as the Bluetooth feature on the MX4s interfere anything when streaming.
  6. But you didnt answer my question you only suggested headphones and i want good quality , Do the MX4s work for my stream situation?
  7. Yall not even answering my questions lmfaoo does the MX4s work for my situation or not?
  8. I was forced to add context, which one is better....O_0? ty