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  1. I didnt get it from microsoft but the hash1 is genuine.I just wanted LTSC because my laptop cant run win 10 pro and home very well and LTSC seemed the best option (i didnt want to go back to 7 because of EOL and I dont like Linux).I just wanted know if the iso doesnt have keylogger or trojan etc.
  2. I recently downloaded and installed a Win 10 LTSC 2019 .iso and I would appreciate it if someone could help me regarding the file's integrity and safety ( I dont want to have an infected iso). SHA-1: d5b2f95e3dd658517fe7c14df4f36de633ca4845 SHA-256: ed90058be09d77460d97e690b12d886deba5092628dd1f838c7fcddf28efa2ac SHA-512: e1adcddec1bd40b360228a94a4af9769e35511ccb9108c3e56b6f0a8abc6e8efbf2fc528c4ea083a1026d094f0952b63c7c4433195dc25213b08325111622b7d Any kind of help would be deeply appriciated