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  1. Hi everyone, I need some help with these HP 10G network cards I got off ebay. It's the HP NC523SFP dual NIC cards (Qlogic QLE3242) that are quite cheap right now. I put one in my server (which is just small ITX case with an i3, RAID 10 and Windows Server on it) and one in my Ryzen workstation that I use for photo and video editing. My main goal was to have 10G connectivity between the two via DAC, so I can edit directly off the server and don't need to synchronize every time. Now to the problem: In the workstation PC the interfaces keep disabling themselves even though device
  2. Thanks for all of your replies. One main difference that I have also seen is, that the 2700X supports 2933MHz RAM where the 3600 supports 3200Mhz. Do you guys think, this could make a difference? I also want my build as future proof as possible. Thats why I will go with an X570 board even with the 2700X. I guess I could even buy cheaper RAM and save some more bucks with the 2700X while having roughly the same performance?
  3. Hi everybody, I'm currently building a budget photo/editing PC and have come across confusing benchmark results for the CPUs I'm considering. Some say the 2700X is better for editing by far for Premiere/Lightroom because of the 2 more cores, others show, that the 3600 is basically the same even with "only" 6 cores. What I'm interested in is your guys' real experience in working with these 2 CPUs. Is the difference actually noticable? I'm more concerned about the actual working experience. I really don't care if rendering a video takes 2 more minutes. FYI: For
  4. Yes, he was one of the guys I watched. You can get these Xeons for between 60€ to 150€ used. Thats why I'm considering them.
  5. Hi guys thanks for the quick reply. I already have a monitor. Thanks for your recommendations. Ill take a look at it :). I definitely want to put an NVMe drive in it though. It will be my only drive as I have a NAS with RAID 10 that I will store my footage on. What do you guys think about the Xeons? I have to admit, I have kind of fallen in love with the idea of having a 10 or 12 core CPU haha.
  6. Budget (including currency): 600€ Country: Germany Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Mainly Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, Occasionally Adobe Premiere for holiday videos. Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): I come from an i7 Thinkpad Laptop from 2012, so I think anything will be faster than what I have now. Hi guys, I want to build a budget "workstation" thats mainly going to be used for light