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  1. Hi I am having an issue with this monitor when Adaptive Sync /Gsync is on and when I start my pc, its all blank. But works after I press on my restart button. If I turn off ADVsync/gsync, it works perfectly fine. I just bought this monitor. If you got this monitor and if you dont have this issue let me know or any fix.
  2. Hi y'all, I noticed something that if I keep my r5 2600 in normal cpu usage. I get input lag, hit registration delay and stutters while GPU in 95+% usage and fps hovering around 90s. I decided to change my cpu usage to high and God game felt smooth and I hit registration worked (dropped 10 kills after changing) and I noticed something that while my cpu usage was around 50%. My GPU usage went down to around 60%. I have everything on low except textures on high. My fps went up to 110. Any reason why this might have happened?