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  1. Hi thanks for the info I have removed my cable extensions and that seems to have helped. I have reseated all components aside cpu, though I haven't tried using the ram individually yet. I have started fresh a few times now and do make sure to install the chipset drivers first It always freezes while trying to update Nvidia driver Attempting to update windows as I can't use the generic log viewer because my .NETFramework version is out of date and I can't directly update it as my version of widows is unsupported. Will continue with this and see what the
  2. Hi just put together a new pc I can get it to bios, load windows and usually network driver before freezing and or blue screen occurs. If I just leav it be there doesn't seem to be any issues but as soon as I start downloading and installing software and drivers I get the mentioned issues. I have updated motherboard to latest bios (stable version not beta), Installed chipset drivers, Ran windows ram test twice both pass Unsure how to further troubleshoot Any suggestions to try or any recommendations for a good computer tech? I'm in ma