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  1. Quick update: I just got a sweet deal on a used MSI RX 480 GAMING X 8GB So far runs great ! I can now (finally) go down to lowest available buffer size: 32 Samples on the RME RayDat (Professional PCI-E sound card) and the RME BabyFace (original) USB 2.0 sound card at 48 Samples so far no clicks or issues running OBS, Ableton and Firefox with a bunch of tabs open I attached some info on where it's at right now. Haven't stress tested it other than a few benchmarks, but so far so good. Any suggestions as far as overclocking? Should I try and flash it to a 580? So far it seems to work gre
  2. There, I said it. I wish they would do a silent G502 lightspeed. Call it G502 Silent.
  3. Maybe I can add: I think it may be an idea to get AMD so I got complete OSX compatibility then upgrade my capturecard to one with a good current encoder/decoder that works on par or better than NVENC for OBS / YouTube ?!
  4. Sup y'all. I was gonna get an AMD, been waiting out for like, more than a year on the iGPU on my 8700K. Dissapointing reviews from the Vega cards, the 5700 cards, and the new 6800 cards lead me in a state where I'm not sure I should even goo with AMD then. Main reason was so it would be easy for me to install OSX on my desktop, so I bought all components matching via tonymax's website suggestions. I also like that I can run 6 monitors at the same time with something like the AORUS card (though there currently isn't any for the new range of cards with more than 4 display outs) So lo
  5. Strange, that Verify Login button wasn't showing underneath the link, and no such button on the blog post, hence I thought it may be. Which is why I included the word PROBABLY in the TITLE OF THIS POST ! Anyway tried looking again and now the button is showing, link was expired, tried again, got another email like the first one this time the Verify Login button was showing and it's also showing in the original e-mail. So ya anyway I was just flabbergasted that there wasn't a way to verify without the 2FA BS surveillance program. Now unless there's a law against expressing personal opinion
  6. Most important for me is a super fast low latency system since I run live audio (and video) and needs as low roundtrip audio latency with audio plugins running as possible. This is demanding for any system. I have no idea which benifits most for my use....Basically clicks and cracles in the audio appear when setting the buffer at a low amount (shorter roundtrip latency) thus less plugins can be added before this issue begins...throttling cpu or lowering the cpu mhz has a huge hit on this performance whise so I try to run the cpu cool...looking to upgrade ram if it'll result in better performan
  7. Got an ASRock Z370 Pro4 with a delid 8700K and Corsair Ballistix Elite 2666MHz DDR4 ram. Wondering if it'd be an idea to upgrade the ram...?! If so which are best optimized for Intel? I hear all these paid for AMD fanbois talk on YouTube about how some are optimized for AMD cpu's and give them 20% faster/better performance bla bla bla. Surely there must be something similar for Intel fanbois?! I currently run 2x8gb and 2x4gb in dual channel mode. Aiming at 32gb or more if upgrading.
  8. Just got this message from Discord when trying to login to LTT forums using their service, they give an error with a red text, as if the password or username was incorrect, but all it was is that I use a VPN & haven't activated two factor or whatever. Steam has for years been able to figure out sending a simple text code to your email, which you use to verify it's actually you, but Discord just send direct you to a blog post that only guides you to set up two factor authentication, no other way around it. Hey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, It looks like someone tried to log into