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  1. i guess thats the best option right now, do you maybe have a friend who is willing to borrow or sell you a decent gpu for a good price?
  2. look if you can find a used gtx 980 or 980 ti used for a good price
  3. so you are telling me a game that is 20 years old will still use more than 1 thread, even you're getting diminishing returns in performance? that doesnt seem to be the case because even the few % should be measureable, while i remember back when i build my pc in january 2015 in the vast majority of benchmarks the i5 4690k performed exactly the same as i7 4790k on same clock, but iwth your logic the i7 should have had 3-5% more performance
  4. i was asking how many threads games can use, not which cpu config performs best, but thanks anyways
  5. hey folks, do you know how many cpu threads following games will utilize? Battlefield 1 Battlefield V NFS HEAT RDR2 the new Cod Black ops Cod warzone Rainbow 6 siege thanks for the help!
  6. sennheiser hd 598, but might getmore BASS focused headhpones down the road maybe
  7. Hey folks, how much of an improvement can one expect when switching from onboard audio (entry level mobo) to an external AMP/DAC? What sort of speakers or headphones do you need to use the addition Bass and audio quality? I remember switching from my laptop to my Z97 onboard audio in early 2015 with my custom build even with cheap headphones audio quality improved drastically, but now that i am waiting for my z490 hardware to arrive, can i expect an audio improvement or well does an external dac/amp make sense in the entry level price range (e.g. fiiO e10k olympus 2) what are your th
  8. with my current cpu i would simply play a modern game and see if it crashes, with my current cpu there are barely any modern games that dont pin the usage at 100% with some exceptions, thats why i am really looking forward to getting my upgrade. If my case takes to long to arrive i will just install it in my current one where airflow isnt optimal
  9. ok, if i am lucky i will get the parts next week, which cpu stress test programs are being used? Last time i did serious oc'ing/stability testing prime95 was sort ofthe worst case temperature wise
  10. i will be running the i7 with the aio configured for exhaust and not intake so i expect 10°C higher temp (reference here is the Bitwit/awesomesauce video where he compared different configs of cpu and gpu with AIOs and the effects htey have on temps) and in order to still keep running the nzxt at lower fan speed with acceptable temps i will probably have to drop a little bit of Vcore
  11. ended up getting the bitfenix 650w formula gold, hope its better than the two previous psus i bought
  12. at which core ratio? how significant of a role does a good cpu cooler play with undervolting? I have an NZXT X61, that still runs flawlessly, would that help
  13. stock performance and undervolt PS: not really set on a specific core clock, but i prefer quiet system over 10fps more in games with qggressive fan curve and pump speed
  14. i understand that, but whats a realistic starting point? 1,3V for 4,9Ghz and then try undervolting from there?
  15. i bought the game a week ago and the origin installer doesnt look anything like that and they also didnt ask for DX version....he probably didnt get the legit version of the game