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  1. I have been researching this board and I like it better than the board I originally was looking at, thank you! I had a question about ram, as I am trying to use 3200 CL14 ram. This board does not natively support 3200, only with an overclock, is there a disadvantage to this? There is a very similar board (X570 I Aorus Pro Wifi) that supports it without an overclock. Am I better off with the board that supports the speed I want natively, I want the system to be as stabile as possible.
  2. Thanks! While I don't believe I will miss the extra ports or expandability, I don't think the smaller ITX boards allow have 4 RAM slots. I'll have to consider this.
  3. Thats still up in the air, I'm looking for as small a case as possible and what I'm learning is if I have a bigger case the stock cooler might be ok, but if I go very small I will need an AIO. Whichever case I get, I will be maxing out the case fans available (as in adding fans to any open slot a fan didn't come in), and am willing to water cool CPU if needed.
  4. First build, first post, complete with dumb questions. I am leaning towards building a small form factor PC but wanted to make sure I'm not making an uninformed decision. The computer will be for gaming, however I don't know what will be played as I'm building it for my wife so she can game with her sister (who plays just about everything). I'm hoping for it to be able to tackle just about anything reasonably well, please let me know if there are any obvious bottle necks. I will not be doing any overclocking I don't think...baby steps. I am looking at X570 M-ITX boards becau