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  1. Thanks a lot these are pretty good monitors. I will check it out now. Most likely take te LG one but Samsung one is tempting.
  2. 27" preferably, 1440p and 144hz but If I can find some budget good monitor 75hz it would be fine too
  3. My last monitor had some issues so I decided to upgrade my setup a bit can you guys recommend budget 2560 x 1440 monitor. Preferably priced 400$ or less.
  4. I heard 3700x stock cooler's pre-applied termal paste is sticking the cpu like a cement does. Should I buy some new termal paste or can I use it as is?
  5. Then I will change it. Thanks so much.
  6. I have a little tight budget after buying 3070 and 3700x so I don't want to waste money If it is enough I won't try to buy the upgrade.
  7. I live in Turkey. There aren't a lot of options here unfortunately.
  8. I doesn't say exactly but I believe It is Cooler Master MWE White 650W 80+. I couldn't open the box because If I need to change it seller won't accept it.
  9. I'm a first time builder. I have Ryzen 7 3700x, B550-PLUS motherboard from ASUS, 32 GB (3600Mhz 18CL) of ram, Samsung Evo 970 1TB and ASUS TUF 3070 OC. I also have Masterbox MB511 from Cooler Master with 650W PSU 80+ I'm worried about PSU being a bit low. I didn't actually put the parts together so I don't know If it will work. I won't overclock it and even If I do it will be very little. So should I buy something more powerful?
  10. I plugged it to my siblings laptop too the line still appears. How else can I test it? I don't know much about it.
  11. Yesterday, when I was watching Youtube I noticed a vertical 1 pixel wide black line. It disappears sometimes so I'm pretty sure it isn't a screen issue. I'm using it with my laptop when I disconnect the display my laptop screen is fine. It is connected via HDMI cable and I changed the cable to see if the cable is at fault but it was not the case, the line appeared nonetheless. What do you think? How can I fix it?
  12. I use Sketchup, 3DS MAX, Revit, Rhinoceros 6, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lumion. Sometimes I use 4 of them at a time I do play games but my primary reason to build is these programs.