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  1. I'm 99% sure that won't help. I'm happy that the newer games give me some really good FPS improvements. As someone said in this thread. They probably need some time until they make some proper drivers for the newer generation of video cards. Thank you very much for your time, sir!
  2. Average 320 FPS with the 1070 and average 300 FPS with the 3070. I know you can't really see the difference in the game, but since I paid for a new graphic card, I was expecting more FPS. I also noticed that both CPU and GPU are under 50% used in CS:GO
  3. Haha, actually one of my jobs is Video editing and content creating so I also benefit for those extra CUDA cores
  4. Thank you. Haha, actually I thought about this with 15 minutes before posting here. I performed a clean install and I still got the same performance after trying.
  5. Hello everyone, Yesterday My RTX 3070 arrived. Previously I used a GTX 1070. I noticed that I have in average 20 FPS less with the new Video card in CS:GO, I also noticed that both CPU and GPU are under 50% used. The drivers are up to date. I want to mention that my memories are 2400Mhz but I still don't understand why I have less FPS in CS-GO than before. I also want to mention that in Control Ultimate Edition I got a huge FPS boost. From 15 to 80. So I think the Video card it's just fine. I just want to understand what is the problem