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  1. Hello. Two months have passed since I've bought a new build and I thought I would ask some question about my system cooling. Here is some values that I've got when playing Rainbow Six Siege for 2 hours. I've got gigabyte b450m ds3h motherboard which only has one SYS_FAN pin connector and it is connected to the included fan for my Zalman S3 case. My questions are: Should I do my system a favour and invest in more fans? (2-3) If yes how am I going to biuld connec them to the motherboard? Because it has only one connector from that type. And what fan
  2. Hello. I promise this is my last few question and after that I will finally buy one of them. The the last two contestants remaining is one with a: 3200mhz and Cl16 and the second is 3000mhz and Cl15 Which one to choose? And I forgot to ask if they will be working automatically when I will plug them in despite the fact that my motherboard and the CPU has a maximum support MHz of 2933 without overclocking.
  3. With CL 15 I only found in 3000Mhz is that good as well? Sorry it's probably my country, that there are no available from what you mentioned sorry!
  4. I looked it up and I only found it in CL 17. Does that makes any difference? In latency or something?
  5. Sorry I forgot to say that I want 2*8, my bad it's a crucial thing I guess
  6. Hello! I want to buy a new pair of rgb hyperx RAMs and I have some issues eith understanding the compatibility rules between the motherboard, the cpu and the ram. Here is what I have: Motherboard: Gigabyte B450M DS3H it supports RGB fusion CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600x (Gpu:1660) These are the two type of rams I want to buy: 2*8 GB I want to buy the RAM with the highest Mhz possible. These two on the site was labelled that they are supporting RGB fusion 2.0 and I don't know what should I choose. Thanks in advance if someone can help me!