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  1. Thanks again. Confirming that it's 2 sticks, inserted into slots 2 and 4. Also confirming that XMP sets the voltage to 1.35V. To be explicit, your suggestion is to set what is referred to as "Memory Frequency (MHz)" in my BIOS to 2933, correct? This is what I had previously set to 3000 (with XMP enabled) and which refused to boot. I have NOT tried 2933 yet -- just want to be sure that I am looking at the correct parameter. Many thanks
  2. Thanks so much for the quick response. Exact memory kit: F4-3200C16-32GTZR VCCSA: "average" is 1.320 with XMP on; 1.063 with it off Thanks again.
  3. Would appreciate any/all input. Here's the situation: I've been getting random reboots but ONLY when at idle -- literally when I've walked away from my machine or turned my back for a sec. Never while actively in use No BSOD, minimal info in Event Viewer -- just a Critical 41/Kernel-Power, but all the Bugcheck Codes and Params are 0 Occasionally rather than rebooting into Windows, the system takes me to a BIOS screen letting me know that the current config won't boot. Restoring BIOS to defaults permits me to boot into Windows (and the only deviation from default is t