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  1. My hard drive isn't showing any host read and writes on crystal disk info is this normal?
  2. So first problem my pc is crashing usually a red line flashes and then a no video input text shows up on my monitor, my gpu fans ramp up to max and i have to usually restart my pc but crashes again 10 seconds on the desktop screen then another restart later it works fine again and some other hours later it would crash again it only crashes when my pc is on a work load if im not doing anything heavy its usually fine, second problem is that my pc just randomly deletes files after a crash or a restart for example when my pc crashed once it deleted my csgo and my warframe and i'd have to redownloa
  3. Update: i opened up the card and there is literally no thermal paste left the card is so old that the thermal paste evaporated
  4. My graphics card is a gtx 760 2gb galaxy mini im not sure how old the card is because my pc is my dads old gaming pc that he had and just gave it to me i am planning on re-pasting it im guessing that the thermal paste in it is already dried up im not really sure if its still under warranty ill just have to ask my dad
  5. My gpu is a gtx 760 2gb galaxy mini and my power supply is 500w micronic cyclone 2
  6. My gpu freezes whenever it hits 80 degrees but it only freezes on games that normally run on cooler temps like 70-75 degrees but gets spikes up to 80 degrees then the game freezes my screen will be frozen until my gpu cools down a bit then continues like normal my screen will keep freezing throughout me playing when it hits 80 degrees but playing more demanding games that usually runs on 80-85 degrees on average will only freeze once it won't freeze again and will keep playing like normal i suspect it to be a power supply problem because it can't keep up to the power spikes that it gets when m
  7. So what happened was one night i took out my gpu to clean it but tomorrow morning when i was turning my pc on my gpu wasn't outputting any video i kept trouble shooting all day but nothing was working im not really sure on whats wrong with it im thinking about buying a new gpu but i wanted to try again to fix it