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  1. Hi all I am currently planing the Matric Dance for my school. One of the ideas proposed was out of space. I thought that it would be a good idea if we took 6 projectors and connected all in the center to face the walls and project 360 video of the stars and space onto the walls. My question is: Is this possible and how would I do this. Is there a specific software that I should use? I read that there sort of thing that I want to do is called CAVE(cave automatic virtual environment ) Any help will be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi I currently have 8 analogue CCTV cameras that connect to a hikvision DVR. I want to remove this DVR from the equation. 1 for security purposes, 2 to apply machine learning smart intrusion detection and better way to acces the streams and view streams. I have a spare raspberry pi and thought that I could use this as a DVR. The cameras use BNC connectors. All tutorials on the internet so far have only showed people using the raspberry pi as the camera. I was wondering is it possible to connect the analogue BNC cameras to the raspberry pi via some sort of capture device The cameras