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  1. And update on previous case My pc (7700 with 1070ti 8gb 1 stick ram) Got water damge and the spu(600w thermaltake smart rgb) blow up After troubleshooting i found i have a dead spu and dead dim slot and maybe my ram is dead too Today i got new mb and cpu( asrock b450m 3600x) and i test the ram at a workshop the ram was totally fine I got home setup everything and the system still didn't post the farthest i got is blank black screen when connecting the hdmi to the gpu Pls help
  2. Hi i posted couple of days ago about my system that won't post after alot of testing and help from user manual here's what is happening The system check for vga when i have my gpu installed (gtx1070ti) when the test finish the tv has a signal coming but the screen stys black When i disconnect the gpu and plug the hdmi to the igpu when the vga test is done there is no signal what's so ever coming from the system After the vga come the dram test which the system stuck on it and never leave i tried using the memok! But the system starting going in loop checking the vga and dram th
  3. Tried both the coms i toke the battery out leave it for 2 min and i put it back
  4. I thought of that but I'd not know how to tell if my mb is dead
  5. The debug light is off When i power on it goes white then green then off
  6. Hi I have changed my dead psu with a new one i plugged the 24 the cpu power the sata to the ssd and hdd and al the reaming power blugs i powerd on everything worked fine but the system won't post The monitor stys black the whole time Please help
  7. Well I lived in my grandfather house for about ayear the house is not bad but my spot is it is near a balcony with no way to drain water and the door was not fully shut and it rained heavily and that is the full story
  8. I'm getting new one tomorrow But I'm scared that the rest of the part are dead two The water only reached the the lower quarter of the psu and i was down stairs when i heard a electronic poping sound Im using thermaltake 600 smart rgb
  9. Hi i have my pc for about 3 years It used to run perfectly but yesterday it rained and my room flooded with water the water had reached the psu but only like the lower part of it After drying out everything I tested it and it is not working and there is burning smell coming from the psu I want to know is there any other part is damaged other than psu any segregation?