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  1. Uhh... For controlling GPU clocks I recommend getting MSI after Buner and for controlling CPU clocks I recommend doing that in the bios
  2. Anyways back to the main topic I recommend lowering clock speed rather than disabling cores
  3. What about in newer games like Walorant Csgo War-zone
  4. But what about in other games that don't run in Chrome?
  5. "Can someone validate that doubling cores really doubles performance for ANY AND ALL programs?" No you will not see a performance gain in any single threaded applications but many applications benefit from multiple cores for example Video editing, 7zip and some games
  6. Nothing I see here would be a problem maybe going for 3600mhz memory would be better for the system
  7. 4 vs 8 cores yes it would have way lower temps but you basically cut the performance in half you would be better turning down you clock speed or voltage
  8. Does it have the partitions and everything? Also you can test this by setting the SSD to boot first
  9. Ram, you might not want RGB memory Edit: Going for 3600Mhz memory might be better for you.