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  1. Have done a fresh install of Windows and am getting the same issues on this new install... It's weird, NZXT Cam shows the GPU Fan going from 1000rpm to 3000rpm for seconds at a time, but MSI afterburner is saying that it isn't going over 50%.
  2. Having a strange issue with my 2080... Moved from an MATX to an ITX case, complete with new board etc, and since then the GPU fans seem to ramp from 40% to 100% very quickly and quite irratically during games. This never happened before. I'm not sure if it's the new motherboard or case, or if a program is overriding the fan curve I've added in EVGA Precision X1. Nothing seems to change this, whether the curve is changed there or in other apps such as MSI afterburner. Really not sure what to do at this stage, any help appreciated. Thanks, Jcr00ks