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  1. Its around 600$, though I live in india, so the price can differ.
  2. Hey, I wan to make pc, for gaming and working. I am low on budget so I am thinking of going with igpu. I think Intel i7 9700k and Intel i7 10700k are good options. Ram 8gb 3000mhz, nvme ssd 256gb, 550w psu. My work includes android development on android studio and little graphic designing. For gaming I play valorant, cs go, dota 2. Which should I choose
  3. Hey I am building a budget gaming/work pc. My config is: processor: intel i5 10400f motherboard: gigabyte h410 ram: 8gb Corsair vengeance 3000mhz ssd: wd sn550 256gb, crucial bx500 480gb psu: gigabyte 550w gpu: gt 730 4gb Now, I am thinking of choosing i5 10400f with gt 730 4gb or i5 10400 with igpu and adding gpu later. I intended to install GTX 1050 ti but the price is too high and one that I am getting is used for 3 years. What do you all think?
  4. Hey, I am building a new pc for work and gaming. For cpu i am going with intel i7 10700, with msi MAG b460m mortar motherboard. Ram 8gb corsair vengeance 3000mhz, storage 256gb nvme ssd wd black and 500gb bx500 crucial. For graphics card I am confused. I am thinking going with integrated gpu at the same time i think gtx 1050 ti is good option or a gtx 1060 6gb. If there is any other changes please comment.
  5. If you want Sata ssd then samsung 860 evo 2tb or crucial mx500 2tb will be good. For NVMe ssd, crucial p2 2tb is good for secondary storage.
  6. Why are you not going for ryzen 5 5600x, if anyways are going to upgrade it afterwards? Get a 750+W psu Also look into peripherals you are missing a mouse on the list, you can get a better monitor though Rest all are fine
  7. That's new to me, I haven't heard of such things, so i could be possible.
  8. Yes, but when it come to AMD only. Intel stock coolers are not good enough. AMD's stock coolers are really good for gaming. But you can buy a better one like noctua nh-u14s or nh-u12s.
  9. That could be a case, but that is not something you see everyday, do you? Also, having at least a psu from a company like corsair is lot better than having a cheaper one that could cost you your precious components.
  10. That's some specs you got there. The psu is bit overkill, you can have 750w psu. With 750W you can even upgrade to ryzen 7 5800x. But make sure your gpu fits in your case.
  11. You can have total of 10x120mm fans, in Corsair 500D. I think total of 5 fans will create a positive air flow, that will be good for your gpu. So you should but 3 fans 120mm or 3 140mm fans. 3x140mm or 3x1200mm in front for intake and 1x120mm at the back and 1x120mm on top for exhaust.
  12. Yes, 600W is enough for RTX 2070 super but make sure it has 80 plus certification. If your psu is not 80 plus certified, Corsair rm650x is great choice. Also I suggest upgrading your motherboard. It might be able to handle it but upgrading to b450 will be a good idea.
  13. AMD stock cooler will do, if he can save some bucks he can add it to other things like more ram or gpu. Anyways 3200mhz can do the job. Also for gpu 1050ti will be better than 1030. What do you think?
  14. I mean, yeah cpus now a days can touch 5ghz, so overclocking is not recommended anyways.