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  1. I already deleted and reinstalled everything and Idle was around 8-10% I already found out that very many have these problems and its a Driver Issue ! Still i want to thank you for your time and help !
  2. Hey, im actually running on 4,8 ghz. You can check it on the Screenshots. XMP is also enabled. Thats why im wondering why it runs so bad haha
  3. Hey Guys, i recently bought an RTX 3080 to gain more FPS for my future 1440p Monitor. In the time till i get the Monitor i play Games on 1080p . So the Problem is i only get maybe 60% to half the FPS like other People with the same Graphics card. Warzone example: I get 90-120fps on low and even less on high but People get 240 and sometimes even +300fps. I know my CPU bottlenecks it a little but still why soooo heavy of a drop ? I did some Benchmarks and the Card performs like it should but why do i get such heavy loss in games ? I already reset my PC and tried DDU. What did i do wrong ? Before